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Glueing tips

Glue paper cleanly

UHU stic is particularly well suited for the glueing of paper, cardboard and photos and is also simple to use - really easy and completely safe!

All purpose adhesive - For almost all materials

The soft, handy bottle glues almost any material - whether applied in dots, lines or over an entire surface, and with no solvents.

Transparent handicraft fun

Solvent-free white glue in a practical flextube that also dries transparent. Glues all common handicraft materials quickly and permanently.

Colourful glitter effects

UHU Glitter Glue for creative glitter fun. Decorates a host of materials on account of its fine applicator tip and soft tube. 

The all-purpose gel adhesive

For household applications or handicrafts. The all-purpose adhesive glues both rigid and flexible materials and is quick-drying with a transparent and permanent finish.

For fun getting creative with textiles and fabrics

Quick-drying adhesive for the glueing together of various textiles such as cotton, linen, denim and blended fabrics, and for the glueing of fabric to leather.

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