Blister 30 g 33 ml

Powerful universal adhesive for plastics




  • Forms a hard but flexible adhesive bond with a thermoplastic character
  • Resistant from -30°C to approx. +90°C
  • Resistant against water, oil and alcohol
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Suitable for:

  • Suitable for bonding numerous types of plastics such as polystyrene and high impact polystyrene types (ABS, SAN, SB, ASA), PVC hard.
  • Also glues materials such as wood, paper, cardboard, leather, metals, glass, ceramics.

Not suitable for:

Not suitable for polyamide (PA), acetal resin (POM) polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), silicons (Si), Styropor® and not suitable for leather used for clothing.

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Before use:

Personal safety

It contains volatile, highly flammable solvents. Therefore, corresponding safety measures should be taken regarding processing and storage.

Surface requirements

The surface must be dry, clean and free of dust and grease.

During use:

Directions for use

  • Depending on the specific requirement, one or both of the parts to be connected are spread with adhesive and joined together immediately. An initial bond strength is
  • attained after 5 - 10 minutes. The high bond strength of UHU allplast on plastics is attained by slightly dissolving the surface of the plastic material. For this reason, the adhesive should only be applied in small quantities on low caliper plastics.

After use:


Adhesive residues and stains can be removed with acetone or thinner for nitrocellulose lacquer.

Storage conditions

Store in tightly closed packaging in a dry, cool and frost-free place.

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