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EAN: 4026700329759Article No.: 7000839
Strong, double-sided adhesive pads for a fast, clean and permanent fixation of many small things without nails, screws or pins. For household use, hobby and office.
  • Double-sided adhesive foam pads
  • strong: up to 300g/pad
  • immediate and permanent
  • temperature resistant


  • Double-sided adhesive foam pads
  • strong: up to 400g/pad
  • immediate and permanent
  • temperature resistant


Suitable for:

Affixes small objects on metal, glass, plastic materials, fabric, paper, cardboard, etc.

Not suitable for:

Not suitable for delicate materials or surfaces. Do not use on recently painted areas and wallpaper. Try on small sample first.


Before use

Surface requirements

The areas to be glued must be dry and free of any dust or grease.

During use

Directions For Use

Stick the adhesive pad onto the object to be fixed. Remove the protective film without touching the adhesive. Affix the object to the desired spot and press hard.

Points of attention

Do not touch the adhesive as this reduces the adhesive strength.

After use


Remove any remaining adhesive mechanically and, if necessary, clean the surfaces with acetone. The pad can only be removed completely from smooth, solid, insensitive substrates.

Storage conditions

Store in a dry, cool and frost-free place.


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