Eat Art Gallery


from Year 6 - Working time: approx. 2 double lessons


If everyday patterns are presented in a deceptively genuine way, the fascination regarding this illusion is part of the artistic intention. Art challenges our visual habits and our perception. The intention of creating an illusion is continually encountered in the history of art. The legend of the contest of the ancient painters Zeuxis and Parrhasius (Pliny in "Naturalis histori") refers to this: While the painted grapes of Zeuxis were so real that birds pecked on them, the curtain painted by Parrhasius deceived Zeuxis so much that he tried to grab it to pull it to one side.
Create an "illusion", experiment with different materials, try out new and unusual elements - an "Eat Art Gallery", as an aesthetic-practical approach, provides the pupils with personal access to works of art and their relation to reality.

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  • Approaching reality in the context of practical and reflexive design
  • Strengthen and differentiate experience, sensitivity and perception
  • Collect materials, assess, describe and evaluate their optical, material and haptic qualities
  • Coordinate, combine and assemble the different materials of the design aim
  • Process the design elements using material and technology in a correct manner
  • Aim towards as realistic a design of the individual elements and of the entire arrangement as possible

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Material and resources

  • Cardboard plates, small plates, disposable cutlery
  • Collected material such as fabric leftovers, felt, pantyhose, wool, fairy wool, ribbons, pom-poms, cotton wool, string, paper string, sponges, sponge cloths, wooden beads, corks, cotton balls, chenille wire, wire, drinking straws, glasses, muffin moulds, natural material
  • Felt pens, acrylic paints and brushes
  • Cardboard from cardboard boxes, coloured paper, silk paper, giftwrap, napkins
  • Scissors, cutter
  • UHU Multi Purpose Adhesive Twist & Glue ReNATURE or UHU All Purpose Adhesive Extra Without Solvent
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