Age range: from 3 years - Working time: approximately 2 x 20 minutes (plan for additional drying time)


At all times of the year, we like to ignite a light to create a cosy atmosphere. Lights are always something special, even on festive occasions such as birthdays. For the table lights here, coffee filter paper is turned into reservation technology by the children to create interesting effects, The unusual use of adhesive is exciting and fun for the children.

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Pedagogic aims

  • Gain experience with materials: reservation with glue and colours with opaque paints
  • Encourage fine motor skills by painting
  • Increase endurance and concentration
  • Promote joy in working with colours
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Material and resources

  • Coffee filter paper, Size 4
  • Round cheese boxes or screw caps from glasses, up to 8 cm diameter
  • Opaque paints, water glass and brush
  • Waterproof cover for the tables
  • Scissors
  • UHU All Purpose Adhesive Twist & Glue
  • Small clothes pegs
  • Hair spray


  • Gel-type synthetic resin adhesive for crystal-clear fast bonding. 
  • Drip-free and clean. 
  • No paper curling.

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Step-by-step plan

Table lights

Step 1

Paint some points and lines with UHU All Purpose Adhesive Twist & Glue quick bottle to the paper.

Allow to dry completely.

Table lights

Step 2

Dampen the paper with a soft brush across the whole surface and apply the opaque paints. Wherever the adhesive is applied, less paint penetrates into the paper. Allow to dry.
The reservation effect is weakened here by the absorbency of the paper fibre.

You see it in its best state if the finished table light is illuminated from the inside.

Table lights

Step 3

Stick the dried paper around the cheese box or the screw-on cover.

Table lights


Place strongly curled paper between copier paper in advance and iron at a low temperature.

Table lights

Step 4

Fix the overlapping paper tips with a clothes peg until the adhesive is dry.

Table lights


The parent sprays the coloured paper outdoors with hair spray, this will increase the intensity of the colour and impregnate the surface.

Stefanie Bergmann

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