Age range: 5/6 years - Preparation time: 15 minutes - Working time with children: approximately 3-4 x 20 minutes


Children love rhymes and they love ice cream. A word game in which the playing cards are designed like an ice lolly with a stick grabs the interest of the children straightaway and makes them want to play. This type of playing card is easy for the children to grip and several can be held easily in one hand. The creation of the game involves rhymes, word pairs such as 'house-mouse', which encourage language elements in a playful manner.

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Pedagogic aims

  • Make a card game in a group
  • Develop fine motor skills in making the game
  • Expand vocabulary by making word pairs
  • Game actions as complex language learning situations, also vocabulary expansion
  • Social learning through playing cards in a group
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Material and resources

  • Coloured paper, e.g. in orange
  • Left-over if required
  • Sketch block
  • Photo card or thin grey cardboard for templates
    31 wooden mouth spatula, 150 x 18 mm (from 0.01 €/unit)
  • Wooden coloured pencils, pencil
  • Ruler

For storage:

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  • Print out the templates in the appendix in original size and cut out the outlines. Transfer the contour to the grey paper and cut out the cardboard templates. It is best to make multiple copies.
  • Cut 13 cm wide coloured paper strips in orange.

Ice lolly - word game
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Step-by-step plan

Ice lolly - word game

Step 1

For one playing card, place both templates onto the orange paper strips with the straight edge flush. Trace the outer contour. For the first template, trace the inner contour too.

Ice lolly - word game

Step 2

Only cut out the outlines of the two shapes.

Ice lolly - word game

Step 3

Stick a wooden spatula with UHU Multi Purpose Twist & Glue reNATURE without solvent onto the marked surface of the first lolly, press down firmly. Stick on the second lolly so it is level.

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