The clever bed made from glued timber boards is mobile and can be extended as required in just a few movements. When furniture and installations are required to meet unique room specifications and special personal requirements, wood is the ideal buillding material. Wood is easy to work with, looks really beautiful and has an unbeatable natural radiance.

Material and resources

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Step-by-step plan

A good connection: biscuits & glue:

There are a host of different suitable techniques for connecting wood when building furniture. The classic techniques such as the corner joint using dovetails or mitre joints with springs are complex. If brackets or modern screw-on connections are used then the assembly method will be visible. Connections using round dowels are seldom entirely accurate, and screw connections are also visible and risk damaging the wood.

In contrast, glued connections using flat dowels represent an elegant and modern variation of the form-fit connection. Using a precisely adjustable biscuit jointer, accurately defined slots are routed into the solid wood panels that are to be connected. The components are joined by means of wooden biscuits (flat dowels), which are glued into the respective slots.

It is important that you secure the parts well with clamps or another tensioning tool until the glue has set.

The butt joints of the side boards and crossbeams of our basic bed frame, also joined using biscuits.

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