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Slime always consists of an adhesive base and the so-called activating agents.

Base: UHU Glue Pen
Activating agent: Contact lens fluid (combination solution) + baking soda

UHU Glue Pen is ideal for making slime and has been dermatologically tested for skin compatibility. The glue reacts chemically with the contact lens fluid + baking soda, causing the slime to become stretchy. The combination of contact lens liquid with baking soda is suitable for both coloured and transparent slime as it does not cause discolouration of the slime.


  • If you use fluorescent powder when making slime, make sure that it is skin-friendly
  • As a first step, always perform a skin compatibility test on a small area of the body. If an allergic reaction occurs in any form, we strongly advise against using that particular powder.
  • Particular caution should be paid to orange pigment: This could contain potassium sulphide which may lead to irritation. If this is the case, it is not suitable for making slime.


  • After use, store the slime in an airtight container (mason jar, jam jar, etc.) to prevent it from drying out. Be sure to label the container!
  • Before kneading, apply hand cream to your hands to prevent the slime from sticking.
  • If the slime is too sticky or runnyadd contact lens fluid until it has the desired consistency
  • Slime can be washed out with warm water and soap if it gets on clothes


  • Wash hands thoroughly after making and using slime.
  • Thoroughly clean work surfaces, containers and tools, etc. after use.
  • Supervise children while making slime.
  • Slime is not suitable for consumption; Avoid contact with eyes and mounth/throat!
  • Keep slime out of reach of infants and pets.