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UHU textil

  • fast bonding textile adhesive
  • resistant to wash and dry-clean
  • for many textiles also in combination with leather
  • becomes transparent and flexible
  • solvent free

UHU textile is a special adhesive for bonding cotton, cotton mixed fabrics, denim, canvas, felt and coconut fibers with each other or with wood and leather. The white UHU textile special glue becomes transparent when hard, is very flexible, is washable up to 90 °C and can be ironed as well as dry-cleaned. Ironing after drying (approx. 30 Min.) Can improve the resistance to washing and dry-cleaning.


Container Content
Tube/Blister 20g


Glues cotton, denim, linen, felt and coco fibers together or to wood and leather. Particularly suitable for hemming and repairing holes and tears in clothes and furnishing materials. Ideal for hobbies, to repair deck chairs, tents and beach chairs.

Use and Handling Instructions

Surfaces must be clean and dry. Apply glue to one side. Press parts together immediately or after evaporation time of max. 5 minutes. After approx. 30 minutes the material can be ironed to reduce curing time and can improve wash and dry cleaning resistance.