UHU patafix

UHU patafix INVISIBLE transparent glue pads

UHU patafix homedeco
kräftige Klebepads

UHU patafix PROPower
ultra-starke Klebepads

UHU patafix homedeco
kräftige Klebepads

  • strong removable and reusable glue pads
  • for affixing all kinds of decorations and accessories on virtually all surfaces up to 2kg (in optimum application conditions)
  • dermatologically tested

UHU patafix homedeco, the clever and strong decorating help. Strong, repositionable and reusable glue pads for affixing decorations and accessories weighing up to 2 kg (in optimal application conditions) on virtually all surfaces. Dermatologically tested.

Container Content
Glue pads, beige 32St


Affix decorations and accessories of all kinds weighing up to 2kg on various surfaces. The maximum load of 2 kg is achieved under optimal conditions, i.e. flat objects (1 cm deep) on smooth and solid surfaces, using a minimum of 6 pads at room temperature (see user instructions).

Use and Handling Instructions

Surfaces must be clean, smooth and solid. Pull to remove the required amount of homedeco pads and knead until the putty is soft. Place equal amounts of the putty over the back of the item a to be held every 5 - 10 cm and press firmly. Attach the object to the surface by pressing firmly. To remove the object turn it gently and pull it off.