Company History

Company History

A leading adhesive for over 80 years.

For over 80 years now, UHU Alleskleber has continuously been the leading adhesive used throughout Europe and has become the by-word for adhesives in Germany and Austria. Since its development, a wide range of adhesives have stemmed from the crystal-clear adhesive in the yellow tube that made the company so famous and known as the adhesive for almost every gluing need.

Today, the UHU range meets the needs of users in all areas of application, from schools, offices, crafts and hobbies to DIY, manual work and industries.

In1905, dispensing chemist August Fischer acquired a small chemicals factory (founded in 1884) from Ludwig Hoerth in Bühl, Germany. Little did he know that he would soon make the discovery that led to his company becoming one of the best known adhesive manufacturers in the world.

The breakthrough came in 1932 when August Fischer discovered the formula for the first ready-to-use, crystal-clear synthetic resin adhesive in the world. The adhesive could stick all materials known at the time including the first plastics such as Bakelite®. As was customary to name stationery goods, he named his glue after a bird, the owl, familiar to the Black Forest: UHU The All Purpose Adhesive. Though it has become a worldwide brand, UHU remains deeply rooted in Bühl.



The adhesive in the yellow and black tube has since become one of the best-known branded products of our time. More than 100 years of continuous progress in research and development as well as marketing is what characterizes the history of UHU. The development of innovative products and adhesive techniques has allowed UHU to produce a full range of top quality and high performance adhesives suitable for all types of material.


In 1971 UHU was acquired by the English Beecham Group followed by a management buyout in 1989. UHU became a part of the Bolton Group in 1994.


Today UHU stands for dedicated employees, state-of-the-art production facilities as well as subsidiaries and distribution partners in more than 125 countries worldwide. Over 60% of the company’s turnover is from exports.


UHU continues to explore users’ increasingly specific expectations, aiming to offer innovative solutions that make using adhesives easier and that produce effective results, in keeping with UHU’s motto:



UHU glues anything, anytime.