UHU – the familiar brand
At UHU, we have over 80 years of experience in developing high quality products for all kinds of consumers. For us, high quality means long lasting products that work well and are safe, but also developing products and packaging that have as little impact on the environment as possible. Since 1994, UHU has been a member of the Bolton Group – an international company manufacturing and marketing a wide range of high quality branded consumer goods worldwide. These range from Food and Household Care products, Adhesives and Glues to Personal and Beauty Care products.

UHU’s sustainability policy
At UHU, we place great importance on product innovation and continuous product improvement always focusing on consumer requirements. This is both a challenge and a commitment for UHU, in which sustainability plays a fundamental role. Indeed, environmental awareness is at the core of UHU’s business, and measures are applied in all areas – from product development and production processes, to usage and disposal by consumers. UHU constantly finds ways to protect and improve conditions for the health of our employees, the environment and for our millions of consumers worldwide. As an example of this strategy, our efforts in the production process far surpass strict legal requirements in the majority of cases.

Our sustainability policy is based on 4 important pillars:

  • Quality products
  • Innovative packaging
  • Clean Factory
  • Inspiring People

Quality Products
At UHU, we have always been developing high quality products for a wide range of applications by children, their parents, DIY’ers and professionals. We are convinced that a high standard of quality allows our products to be dependable, long lasting and safe during both production and use. In future, UHU will continue with its policy of developing innovative and high quality products in close contact with consumers, translating their needs into concrete solutions.

Innovative Packaging
All packaging used for UHU products is recyclable, and a large part of it is also made of recycled material. We focus on easy application of our products to enable efficient use and to help preserve natural resources. We are aware that the choice of packaging material is very important, both for safe use and for storage life of products.

Clean Factory
Most of our products are manufactured in Germany at our factory in the heart of the city of Bühl – a little town at the foot of the black forest.  Therefore, it is indispensable that it be safe and clean. We consistently strive to lower our solvent and CO2 emissions, while reducing waste, water and energy consumption and set up concrete projects in this direction. As a result we have achieved a close to zero level of solvent emissions and recycle approximately 40% of the waste generated in our factory.

Inspiring People
Our products are destined to inspire creativity in children and adults – most of who grew up using UHU! The famous yellow and black tube of UHU All Purpose adhesive is a reference for gluing all over the world. As a result, our products can nowadays be found in more than 120 countries world-wide!

As we feel that it is important to share the best ways to use UHU products with consumers we regularly organise workshops focusing on hobby and creative activities, as well as for home improvement use. Our personal help line advises hundreds of consumers every month. Also our webpage provides advice for consumers with the help of our interactive ‘glue advisor’ which answers questions and technical matters related to gluing. Because in the end, repairing something with the help of glue naturally helps to avoid waste.

Last but not least, we do our best to make our employees proud of the company that they work for. We feel that providing a safe and healthy working environment with opportunities for growth and development is the key to a happy workforce, and – ultimately – to the consistent quality of our products.

UHU and the Future
Within our four pillars, we will continue our efforts towards sustainability and will communicate about them in all transparency to key stakeholders. We are also committed to responding to our consumers’ increasingly specific expectations, with the aim of offering innovative solutions made for easier use and effective results – based on UHU’s claim:

UHU glues anything, anytime.

Contact us
We wish to engage in open dialogue with all stakeholders. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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